Get real abs with EMSCULPT and build more muscle without sweating!

EMSCULPT uses ElectroMagnetic energy to stimulate a muscle contraction. Basically allowing your body to move and build muscle without you having to do anything. 

Unlike those “Made for TV” energy belts you’re used to seeing that don’t work, don’t hold firm, and don’t have the power to work, EMSCULPT works deep into your muscle tissue.

The result is a series of micro muscle contractions that are far beyond what any person could achieve in a workout. A single EMSCULPT session is worth as much as 20,000 crunches — far more than even the fittest of people can do in a year!


Yes, and it comes with some extra benefits. It’s not surgical, and it’s cleared by the FDA. And because it’s so targeted, it can reduce body fat in the treatment area, too.

EMSCULPT is safe and recommended to use on your abdomen and buttocks. 

Depending on your current BMI, yes, it can! Pair your treatment with our health and wellness consultations for long-term, life-changing results.