About EssenceMD

Change what you can and treat what you can’t

You can’t change your family history or genetics.

You can change your weight, diet, blood chemistry, cholesterol, and lifestyle choices. 

EssenceMD can help you get started, speed things along, and provide evidence-based treatments to keep you motivated and healthy. 

Unlike competitors offering various treatments for wrinkles ranging from mud baths to soap bombs, we’re not a spa. We’re a clinical medical practice focused on the science of healthy, beautiful skin.

Your Indianapolis & Carmel Botox, fat loss, and wellness team

Dr. John A. Fry

Founding Physician
Meet Dr. John A. Fry, the founding physician Dr. John Fry graduated from Ohio State University College of Medicine with honors. In the three decades since then, he’s received life-long training and numerous other awards in internal medicine, cardiology, and interventional cardiology.  Now in his private practice with EssenceMD, he’s combining his medical education with lifestyle treatments, functional medicine, nutrition, wellness, and aesthetics. For over 25 years, Dr. Fry has helped patients like you with cardiovascular disease, venous abnormalities, in need of disease prevention treatment, and later in wellness, functional medicine, and cosmetic treatments.  “When you live a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and stay active, you’re preventing all sorts of other problems,” says Dr. Fry. “Combine that with personalized aesthetic treatments and you get to be healthy, feel great, and look younger.”

Samantha Skibinski

Clinical Manager / Licensed Aesthetician
Samantha Skibinski is a licensed Aesthetician, certified phlebotomist, and has a bachelor of science degree from Indiana University. Samantha performs a dual role as Clinical Manager and Aesthetician at our Carmel location. Her favorite treatment is microneedling and her favorite products are Skin Medica’s TNS recovery serum and Ha5 serum. Her husband’s name is John and they have a cute puppy named Cooper. For fun they like to be outside and go hiking!